1.   Fires must be in rings no smaller than 2 feet in diameter. No rings made out of bricks or rocks are allowed (Police & Fire Marshall will enforce this).  No burning of wood with nails, and no fires should have bottles, cans, or garbage in it.  All fires doused upon leaving grounds.

2.   Fire lanes are a must for emergency vehicles.  Do not block or camp in a fire lanes.

3.   Once you have moved into your camp area, please remove stakes, ropes, or tape.  Please do not rope off more than you need.  If you rope off a corral area within your camp, allow only a 12X12 area per horse.  No electric fencing allowed.  No horse ground bedding.

4.   NO ATV’S, GOLF CARTS, MOTORCYCLES, GUNS, OR BICYCLES will be allowed in the camping area.  Rodeo Personnel will have marked ATV’s inside the area.

5.   Respect your neighbor!  Watch noise level late at night (no rule for generators). Irresponsible Behavior WILL NOT be tolerated ANYWHERE on the grounds that Tri-State Rodeo is responsible for. Un-Adult behavior could mean losing camp site indefinitely.

6.   Bag trash and put next to the road or take it with you.  Please respect grounds by picking up your area (put hay & manure in a pile) before you leave.  The field is baled and has to be spotless.  No emptying campers on the grounds.  Rake up loose wood pieces in a pile, stack unused wood along the road.

7.   Pick up fire rings and wood and take it with you or put wood in a pile along road. Do NOT leave garbage, bottles, cans, bricks, twine, etc when you leave.

8.   No horses allowed on walking path in the park.

9.   No swimming is allowed in the water tanks.  No bathing horses out of the tanks.

10.  No Vendors inside the camping areas at all.  This includes yard sale items of campers

11. Water will be provided in tanks along the road. Each day you can fill containers at the north gate of the arena with the help of the water people.  If your tank is along the road it will be filled.  Mark it as PRIVATE  and cover it.

12. If there is a heavy rain scheduled, park vehicles (that NEED to get out) on the road.  Please do not tear up the grounds trying to get out.

13. During Grand Entry (5:30pm-8:00pm) please try not to drive vehicles on the dump area road. The road will be reserved for horses coming back from Grand Entry.


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