If you need another reason to attend the Tri-State Rodeo Friday night event, this could be it. The Tri-State Rodeo in Fort Madison, Iowa will be hosting a Bullighters Only (BFO) event on Friday, September 8th immediately following the rodeo competition. Three Bullfighters, Dusty Tuckness, Dayton Spiel, and Tanner Zarnetski will use their skills to connect with the fighting bull to win points and prize money.

Bullfighters can gain up to 50 points for control, aggression, style and creativity – the fighting bull (Toro) can also accumulate 50 points for aggression, speed, staying engaged with the fighter and agility – so it would be like scoring points for Dancing with the Stars. There are a total of 100 points possible. Each ‘fight’ is also timed. While each bout can last up to one minute, the bullfighters may “declare” any time after 40 seconds ending the fight without risking any point deductions. If the bullfighter fails to reach the warning bell he is disqualified. Each bullfighter has two chances to fight the bull with his scores averaged for a total.

So let’s meet our contenders for the Tri-State Rodeo:

  • Dusty Tuckness: Hometown – Meeteese, Wyoming; 8x National Final Rodeo Bullfighter; 7x Bullfighter of the Year – currently ranked #3 BFO World Standings
  • Dayon Spiel: Hometown – Parade, South Dakota – currently ranked #6 BFO World Standings
  • Tanner Zametski: Hails from Terell, Texas – Currenlty ranked #10 BFO World Standings


The fighting bull is categorized by its aggressive behavior. They are more athletic looking than other bulls, both male and female have horns and weigh anywhere from 1100-1600 pounds.