Stock Information

Cervi Crew has the Competitive Edge

The definition of a stock contractor is one that “ensures that the four-legged athletes of the rodeo industry are healthy, well-fed, properly cared for and fit to perform.” That definition leaves out a few important details, like the fact stock contractors bring much more to a rodeo than just the animals. Anyone who sees the line of Cervi Championship Rodeo rigs roll through town knows they are in for a show.

Started in 1973, Cervi Championship Rodeo supplies bucking horses and bulls, pick-up men and chute help, timed event stock, and an entertainment factor to each of the 42 rodeos they produce each year. Behind the scenes at each rodeo, one of the Cervis is coordinating every detail from the amount of hay and grain to feed each animal, to the lineup of the grand entry.

One look at the three young men at the helm of one of the country’s largest rodeo companies, and it is easy to see that cowboy is in their blood.

Binion, Chase and Scott Cervi know every aspect of rodeo. Binion, 31, manages the bronc breeding program and business end of the company; Chase, 29, is a sought-after pick-up man and manages the bucking bull breeding program; and Scott, 34, runs the day-to-day operations of the company while serving as the chute boss on the road. Each one of the Cervi crew has been immersed in rodeo all of their life. Yearly, the young men produce some of the largest rodeos in the country, including RODEOHOUSTON, the National Western in Denver, the San Antonio Rodeo and serve as stock coordinator at the iconic Pendleton Roundup.

It takes savvy to run a renowned rodeo company like Cervi Championship Rodeo. To start, you must have stock. The 850-horse herd the Cervi’s maintain in Stoneham, Colorado, sets a high standard for quality bucking genetics. Each year, the products of the breeding programs continues the streak of having a Cervi  bronc buck at every National Finals Rodeo since 1967. In 2014, Vitalix Hells Fire Hostage bucked his way to two NFR round winning scores in the saddle bronc. The bucking bulls also give cowboys a run for their money. With more than 200 bulls between their Colorado and Texas breeding facilities, there is no shortage of athletic stock to choose from. At the 2014 NFR, E20 Mad Money was the highest marked bull of the night; according to, he has a 83.5% buck off rate. These are the quality of bucking stock the Cervi crew brings to each and every rodeo produced.

No spectator leaves a Cervi rodeo disappointed in the bucking or timed event stock’s performance. In signature style, no matter the rodeo’s size or location, Cervi Championship Rodeo brings the best of the best to town.