Saddle Club

TSRLogo As Saddle Club Chairman I want to say thanks for stopping by the 2015 Tri State Rodeo website.  On behalf of the Tri State Rodeo Operating Committee I want to welcome you to one of the best PRCA Rodeos in North America.

Again this year we will be charging a $20.00 camping fee for each camping unit (trailer, tent etc.). This charge is necessary to enhance our camping security and to provide additional security for your safety. The $20.00 fee is a one-time charge whether you’ll be camping the entire week or just the final weekend.

For 2015 when roping off your campsite we’re requiring a sign that will be visible with contact information on it, a name, phone number and an email address if possible. Last year there were several disputes about campsites, I’m hoping by adding this information when roping off your campsite we can head off any issues that may occur prior too or upon your arrival. Our goal is make your Tri-State Rodeo camping experience as pleasant as possible.

For camping registration,Click Here to download and register to camp. Instructions on how to pay your camping fee will be included on the registration form. Credit cards will be accepted along with the registration form.

The Tri State Rodeo Operating Committee would like you to help us maintain a good, clean, and safe campground for your enjoyment. Please complete and return your registration form as soon as possible.  To organize your camping area and those of others we need to have your registration form back not later than August 8th 2015. If the form is not returned by that date we will assume you are not camping, and if necessary release that space to another camper. Each year our camping areas continue to be more crowded, please help us by not taking any more space than is necessary.


If there are any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me at:

Gary Gleichman 515.771.7814
or Sharon Wyett 319.759.2829( after 4pm)


Gary Gleichman